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Sun. June 20th 10:00am - 4:00pm doors at 10:00am Art in the Garden: Four Artists show and sale Cindy Gibson (ceramic artist), Sid Samphire (stoneware sculptor), Adele Samphire (potter), Lisa Samphire (glassblower) @  1507 Westall Avenue (All Ages) Free
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Sun. December 1st 2019
Christmas in Oaklands Exhibition and Sale Cindy Gibson, Lisa Samphire, Terry Vatrt, Sid Samphire , Adele Samphire @  Cindy Gibson's 1520-B Edgeware Road (All Ages)
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Sat. November 2nd 2019
Peggy Elmes, Ester Galac, Cindy Gibson, Darrel Hancock, Nora Lewin, Barbra Lovick, Meira Mathison, Tony Mochizuki, Linda Vigliotti, Debbie Elkins, Franziska DitterKnox Presbyterian Church Hall (All Ages)
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Sat. May 11th 2019
Cindy Gibson, Ester Galac, Peggy Elmes, Darrel Hancock, Nora Lewin, Linda Vigliotti, Tony Mochizuki, Belle Leon, Laurie HashizumeKnox Presbyterian Church Hall (All Ages)
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Cindy Gibson

porcelain domestic-ware, lighting, garden art from Victoria BC
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Cindy Gibson

I am a ceramic artist and potter with an interest in pattern, colour, historical ceramics and the natural environment. Lustrously light, strong and versatile porcelain clay combined with a melding of traditional and contemporary design elements defines my style.

I fire my porcelain to a hot cone 10 – approximately 1285 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the clay is fluid, and if thin, delicate and translucent. But when thicker, porcelain is also robust and durable. It is useful for a wide range of applications and its whiteness gives me clear beautiful colours.

My works is led by design; ideas often start with a concept for use, or the desire to express an idea. I use colour and carefully considered surfaces to evoke mood, endeavoring to marry these components into strong complimentary forms.
The elements that inspire my sculptural work include the wondrous fractal geometry of nature, the power of weather and beauty found in small details of life. In Victoria we are blessed with an amazing variety of flora and fauna - I particularly love birds. These themes also spill over into my functional domestic ware and into the stylistically in-between realm of pieces for the garden.

I have a Fine Arts (honours) degree from the University of Manitoba and a Pottery Apprenticeship done at Toepferei am Hof, Heidelberg, Germany. Later, in England I worked at Farnham College and developed the studio practice that continues today. After 10 years away, I returned to Canada and settled in Victoria in 2003.

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