Category: Mixed-Media Artist

Alannah MacPhail (Contemporary Realism: portraits, landscapes)
Anna C Curtin (abstract landscapes)
Arden Rose (Expressionistic Acrylic Painter)
Arlene Nesbitt (mixed media, watercolour, digital prints)
Ben van Netten (oil on canvas)
Carol Auld (Experimental/Experiential/Avant-Garde)
Charine Barber (Resin painter/artist)
Chin Yuen (Abstract Paintings)
Christopher Sartisohn (gypsy/jazz/indie/prog/experimental)
Christoph James (Surrealism and Abstract)
Clare Thomas (Contemporary visual artist)
Daniel Poisson (Stone sculptor & colour painter)
Devin Watson (Pyrographer)
Diane Adolph (Contemporary impressionist)

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