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Wed. May 27th 2020
UNTIL... Magazine Issue 4: Home Georgina Montgomery, ROSE COWLES, Neil McClelland, FLO-ELLE WATSON, Alison Klymchuk, Chloe da Mata, Libby Oliver, Victoria Edgarr, Julie Mellersh, Jamie Cooper, Linda Rajotte, Marianne Goodrich, Rudra Manani, Sandra Zanetti, Fern Long @  Online (All Ages)
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Georgina Montgomery

from Victoria BC
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Georgina Montgomery

After a long career as a professional writer and editor working in a wide range of science and social subjects, I embraced the other kind of interpretation and translation forever in my life: visual art.

Where I once used text to get ideas across precisely, I now use paint, mixed media, collage and elements of photography to examine the nature of life abstractly. That said, the quirks and whims of spoken and written language are never far from my mind. Words and expressions, poetic lines and punch lines, facts and fancies: all this grist still fuels my thinking and pilots my imagination.

I constantly experiment with form, colour and composition as a way to harness my thoughts about time, place and the language that helps us understand them both.

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