Artists + Ensembles in Victoria BC

Yukon Gifford (Contemporary)
FRENCH CABARET (1) French songs (old/new, Quebec/France) 2) Reggae)
Drew Henderson (Classical)
Debra Thomlinson (Ink/Watercolor/Colored Pencil)
Esther Drone (Functional Pottery & Carved Porcelain)
Emily Norton (Landscape)
Maria Curcic (Abstract contemporary/Millinery Design)
Rae Vena (Performance live painter extraordinaire!)
Adam Bartosik (Pen and ink illustrations)
Marian Schols (all the hits from yesterday and today)
Kate Brooks-Heinimann (Contemporary Landscape)
Kris Friesen (Murals)
Miles guilbault (Tile Mosaic murals and custom professional tileset)
Amber Downie-Back (Interdisciplinary Contemporary Dance and Video)
Joy peirson (Acrylic / BC scenes)
Emily Hull (Canadian Folk Art)
Aviv Talya Dekel (Outsider Folk Artist)
Jordan Fritz (Impressionist Landscape Artist)
Linda Rajotte (Handmade silver, copper and gold wearable art)
Jane M Stewart (Acrylic on stretched canvas)
Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse (Contemporary Upper Tanana visual art)
Zoe Sandell (Modern expressionistic)
The City Slickers (50's, 60's, 70's, 80's Rock, Pop, Rock'n Roll)
Carol Auld (Experimental/Experiential/Avant-Garde)
Matt Stern (Pop-soul-intimate)
Nanci Cook (Impressionistic colourful landscapes, still lifes)
Cheryl HOOSON (Intuitive non objective artist)
Devin Watson (Pyrographer)

Future Events