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Wed. May 27th 2020
UNTIL... Magazine Issue 4: Home Georgina Montgomery, ROSE COWLES, Neil McClelland, FLO-ELLE WATSON, Alison Klymchuk, Chloe da Mata, Libby Oliver, Victoria Edgarr, Julie Mellersh, Jamie Cooper, Linda Rajotte, Marianne Goodrich, Rudra Manani, Sandra Zanetti, Fern Long @  Online (All Ages)
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Sun. August 11th 2019
Bowker Creek Brush Up Art Show & Sale Robert Amos, Peter Baxter, Audry Campsall, Margaret Case , Gen Chandler, Claire Christinel , Arlene Davey , Joan Easton, Ashley Hamilton, Caroline Hunter , Donna Ion, Susan Leather, Vivian Lockridge, Victor Lotto , Joanie McCorry, Avic Rasmussen, Paul Redchurch, Gera Scott Chandler, Joan Turner , Pam Stonehouse , Erik Thorn, FLO-ELLE WATSON, Graham Thompson, Pat Martin-Bates, Wayne Anaka, Heather-Elayne Day, Suzanne Heron, Helen Jaques, Laurie McAmmond, Tony Mochizaki, Linda Rajotte, Shirley Richardson, Virginia Ronning, Arden Rose, Dallas Segno, Brian Simmons, Jo Vipond @  Bowker Creek Park, Oak Bay (All Ages)
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Sun. June 23rd 2019
Six Artists: Art in an Oaklands Garden Cindy Gibson (ceramic artist), Sid Samphire (stoneware sculptor), Adele Samphire (potter), Lisa Samphire (glassblower), Jo Ludwig (glass and metal sculptor), Peggy Brackett (dichroic jeweller), Linda Rajotte (jeweller) @  1507 Westall Avenue (All Ages)
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Sat. May 5th 2018
Fairfield Artists Studio Tour Linda Rajotte, Louise Monfette, Jonathan Gleed, Victor Bosson, Maery CallaghanFairfield Artist Studio Tour (All Ages)
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Linda Rajotte

Handmade silver, copper and gold wearable art from Victoria BC

Contact Details

Linda Rajotte

I was born in Vancouver and have lived all my life in BC. The ocean and the symmetry of nature provide inspiration for me. I have used many other mediums in my life to express my desire to create; however, exploring the unique properties of silver, gold and copper has dominated my passion for artistic pursuits since 2004.

Silver and nature have always held an attraction for me. I weave, texture and form silver creating wearable art that adorns the body, provides organic energy and reflects my connection with nature. I am concerned not only with appearance, but also with touch and form.

I studied Fine Arts at UBC while completing my degree in honours Mathematics, which I then taught for over thirty years. Making art may seem unusual for a mathematician but to me mathematics is an integral part of art. I enjoy experimenting and learning new techniques through my own investigations and the courses I have taken for silverwork.

My mathematical background has influenced the distinct designs in my drawings and etchings on copper and impressions in silver. Logarithmic spirals found in nature, such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers, inspire me and are a constant theme in my work. I create all of my pieces by hand so they are individual and unique.

I use “fine silver” (99.9% silver kiln-dried) to create my sculptural pieces using molds I have made with natural objects or my own hand-drawn etchings in copper. I often combine my fine silver pieces with copper as well as hand-woven silver and gold-filled wire. I fuse fine silver to make silver chains and earrings. I use sterling silver (92.5% silver) when making my individual clasps, bangles and ear wires because the copper content produces greater strength. I also anneal, forge and texture sterling silver and copper to create different pieces enhancing the shapes and patterns in my work. I love to play with different techniques in my artwork. My rolling mill and more powerful torch are constantly providing exciting adventures for me. As well, fusing silver onto copper creating a reticulated effect, using alcohol inks on copper, and working with 22K gold accents are relatively recent additions to my pieces.

My hand-weaving of precious metal wire takes two forms: I use the ancient art of “Viking knit” to create silver and gold-filled ropes and I link sterling and fine silver jump rings using chainmaille designs to enhance my work. The final result of these various weaves is very pleasing because of their strength, delicacy and lightness.

My awards include: 11 Juror’s Choice Awards, 1 Juror’s Favourite Award SPAC (2016 – 2019), Judges Choice, Best Fine Craft, Best Jewellery CACGV Look Show (2014, 2015, 2018), Guest Artist (Art in the Garden with Lisa Samphire’s group of artists) (2019), Featured Artist (Woodland Gardens, 2012), BCAMT Outstanding Teacher Award (1995), Prime Minister’s Award Teaching Excellence Mathematics (1993)

Perhaps the most important thing is I love doing what I am doing.

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